Work from home


Raihan Raaz

Working from home is easy and convenient than work at office.


Tasslock company is ready to deliver the excellent career opportunity to your doorstep. Join us now and start Learning…

Working with tasslock is like playing game

You are not our permanent employee. You are our online sales partner or dealers. As you work hard the more you can earn. 

You must have 3 skills written below to earn as much as your want. 

Product Knowledge
Smart Talking
Convincing power
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Our goal is to train you as best marketer in sales.

Focus in target customers to gain and recur more consumers for you battement. 

What we Do

We are experts in Automotive security system. as well as some other fields too. 



Please fillup the form very carefully. This is an online interview for Tasslock Work from Home Job.

Please fill-up this form

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