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  • Check SIM balance. Or recharge.
  • FACTORY# then wait for a reply. Then setup admin. From the apps apply the call option.
  • Send sms: SOS,A,adminnumber#
  • Send Sms: CALLSET,1#
  • Send SMS: DEFENCE,1#
  1. Call the sim card if it’s on or off.
  2. Check ID by sending PARAM#
  3. Check APN from param
  4. If Apn Wrong then send sms: APN,INTERNET#
  • Check GPS sim card if it is on or off
  • Check Sim Balance
  • Check APN
  • Check ID and IMEI by sending Param#
  • Check location Fixed or unfixed.
  • Send sms: Status#
  • Check gps install position.
  • GPS Should be face up toward sky.
  • GPS should not touch any steel or iron or magnet.
  • Send SMS: URL#
  • Send SMS: LJDW#

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