Tasslock Tracker

Keyless Entry

The Tasslock Tracker device is the Latest flagship GPS tracker. This world class device allows for the most comprehensive range of fleet and safety reporting available together with the ability.

Demo GPS User Id: 78450070327    Password: 112233

Water Proof

Live Tracking

Geo Fence

Low Power Consumption

Automatic Arm

  • Real Time and onboard triggering logic sensor Live Tracker
  • Keyless Entry
  • Engine Cut off
  • Powerup Bike with Mobile
  • Full Compatibility with Engines also can use universal vehicles.
  • Flexible and configurable maneuver 
  • High performance GNSS (GPS + LBS + WCDMA)
  • Scalable cellular communication (2G, 3G,4G)

Keyless Entry
Engine On/Off
Live Tracking
Engine Status
Road Traffic update
Historical Data
High speed alert
Mobile App
Push Notification
Start / Stop Alert
Google Street View
Location Sharing
Power cut Alert
Vehicle status
Trip history
Gps data report
Geo fence sensor
Vibration alert
Online offline operation

24 hours and 365 days live
More smooth and Accurate Tracking

Tasslock Tracker comes with APL and Calling Technology. 3 minutes after parking the vehicle APL will arm and will generate a phone call if anyone touches or tries to open the car.

Key Features

Tasslock brings you the All New Tasslock Tracker to solve all sensor related issues in Vehicles. A product specially designed to fit your Hybrid vehicle without any trouble.

Automatic Arming

After turning off Key, the car will arm automatically after 3 minutes. If someone touches the car, then phone notification will be generated within 10 seconds.

All in One

You can see all your vehicles in one APP as well as from a desktop site. Which makes this a complete fleet management software.

Lock from everywhere

Vehicles can be locked anywhere, even underground. You can lock your car where there is no mobile network. But in this case, when the car comes out with network range instantly the engine will stop.

Anti Hijack

If a thief breaks the GPS completely, still the car engine will not start.

Track Record

Tasslock Tracker will record each and every single movement of the vehicle including idling, start, stop, parking, rest.

Safety First

For safety reasons, the car will lock instantly after being cut off from mobile.

Smart Lock

Once locked from mobile the car will not start Until you unlock from mobile.

Admin Panel

Up to 5 admins can be added, if the main admin's number is off or busy then the rest of 4 numbers will get notified by phone call.


Increased security with unique password. Without the password no one can send commands to GPS.


Tasslock Tracker has a smart and configurable idling sensor. Owner will get notification if the vehicle stays in idling mode.

Anti Accident

There is no chance to steal your car, in case your known person steals your car so you can lock the car from any authorized number. In that case the car will shut down when speed is low. This can prevent accidents.

Panoramic View

The app interface is integrated with Google Maps. Using the street view feature you can see a panorama view of the location.


In the app or in the website multiple geofence can be selected. If your driver goes out from the selected area then you get an alarm.

Full Control

Tasslock Tracker has an over speed alarm. if someone rides the car over speed you get an alarm.

Sleep Mode

Tasslock Tracker never affects the car battery. Because, Tasslock Tracker has automatic sleep mode after 10 minutes.


Tasslock Tracker has a lithium battery inside, so this can back up for a long time. also this is portable. So you can use it in other vehicles too.

Live Track many vehicles

You can live track your all cars in one application from mobile or computer.


Tasslock Tracker has the Latest Immobilizer system. You can shut down engine when keyless riding




Tasslock Tracker does not required any monthly charge. Just one time pay and use it for lifetime free.

Prompt Support

We are committed to provide best support.

1 Year Warranty

All Tasslock Tracker comes with 1 Years Exclusive Warranty.

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