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Dear Participant, Please fill-up the form to gain Shopping fiesta prize. 

Terms and conditions - shopping fiesta

To achieve shopping fiesta, you must agreed with this terms & conditions. 

  1. Must buy Nexa Elite from Tasslock Authorized sales point.
  2. Must keep the shopping fiesta card safe and secure with you.
  3. Without shopping fiesta selected card, You will not be eligible for the prize.
  4. To gain shopping money, you must bring  only 1 person with you. 
  5. The only 1 person will come along with you must be your, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter. ( Must need ID Proof of relationship)
  6. Each Shopping fiesta has an expire date, Please gain your prize before the expire date. Shopping fiesta card will be invalid after 7 days of SMS received or 7 days of Purchase Nexa Elite.
  7. When you selected for prize, we will notify you, after the notification we will give you a specific date for shopping, if you miss the date you will lose the prize forever. 
  8. The shopping term will be describe on spot. Our shopping fiesta may held on Bosundhara Shopping mall, Panthapoth , Dhaka. Location may change upon situation.
  9. You cannot buy gold, Silver, Mobile, laptop, pc and this types of things.
  10. Good luck for shopping fiesta, We will tell you what to do when shopping fiesta start on any marketplace.
  11. We will make video footage of entire shopping fiesta, you must agree this to gain the prize.
  12. Tasslock reserves the right to take any decision regarding Shopping fiesta. 

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