Tass Light

Portable Emergency rechargeable led bulb light 2*lithium battery 3-5 hrs backup. Save 80% Electric Bill

Automatic Backup Light

Never live in Darkness

Rechargeable: directly charged by 220v mains electricity
2 pcs battery: 1200mA*2
charging time: 3-4 hrs
lighting time: 3-4 hrs Both battery
0 second to switch to emergency model
Emergency watt: 8-10 watt

Only 499 BDT ( Free Home Delivery)


AC DC Light with E22 & E27


Powerful 15 Watt AC Light

Long Lasting

Tass light is long lasting.

Eco Friendly

There is No CFC or harmful gas

80% Saving

Almost 80% Electric bill saving


1 Year replaceable warranty*.

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