No Monthly Bills

Zero % Battery Consumption*

Vehicle Details

Know your vehicle details including Volt, Mileage, Speed, Maintenance and many more.

Apps & PC

Get easy and user friendly app from www.tasslock.com Also you can check our demo app before buy.

Support Team

No problem, We are here to help you. Knock us on WhatsApp for assistance.

500+ Sales point

We have 500+ Sales point around Bangladesh, Find your nearest sales point for free install.

Our Tasslock Navigator 4G GPS monitoring systems (iOS/Android app) will provide you with exact position notifications, and you can use our platform to examine your tracker’s location, view historical data, speed, and distance, and create alerts and boundaries using Geo-fence. The Tasslock 4G GPS tracking platform can also be tweaked and developed to meet specific customer requirements.

When your car is towed, the Tasslock tracker transmits a displacement alert. Additional features of our automobile rental tracking device include disassembling alarm, low battery, and power failure alarm.

Tasslock Navigator 4G GPS come with an OTA Firmware Upgrade that may be done remotely. With the OTA capability on GPS trackers, you can upgrade get remote upgrades and alter config parameters remotely, reducing maintenance expenses without having to remove your asset.

Little Knowledge

About Tasslock 4G GPS

Tasslock 4G GPS tracking provides cutting-edge satellite technology to enable vehicle management companies to track their vehicle with ease.

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Tasslock GPS 4G

Inside the BOX

Tasslock GPS tracker 4G is best for all kinds of vehicle 9 to 90 volts. You will get all the components shows in photo inside the box.

Fleet Management


Run Tasslock 4G GPS from Android / IOS and PC and also manage the fleet.

Safe Install

Upgrades & Repairs

Tasslock 4G GPS has got OTA Technology. If any problem occurs, We can fit it from Head Office by Over the Internet.

WORLD’S FIRST Automatic Arming GPS

You can lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere in the world, with or without internet connection. Vehicle cannot be started with original key or shoulder broken bypass.


Tasslock 4G GPS can be used to:

* Car loan
* Car rental
* Auto finance risk control
* Bus management
* Fleet management
* And Many More...

  • Car loan
  • Car rental
  • Auto finance risk control
  • Bus management
  • Fleet management
Want to try before buy ?


You can try our Tasslock GPS before buy.

User name: tassdemo
Password: 112233

Authentic Seller

We have more than 500+ sales point around Bangladesh. There might be fake sellers too. So be careful when buy Tasslock products. Please buy Only from authentic sellers through the website sales point.

Powerful then ever

No Monthly fees

Enjoy Tasslock NAVIGATOR 4G GPS up to Year 2099. Our server is dedicated for life long. So don’t worry about expire date or monthly fees.

Install Guide for Vehicles

Hidden Places

There are lots of hidden places for GPS Setup. This photo is just an example.


How to Use App ( Coming soon)

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